No writable device found, help?

i am new to using WD products and am having trouble getting started. I have installed the smart ware and registered my device already, but now that I am trying to begin using the device I can’t do it because it tells me "There is no writable wd smartware partition found’ … anybody know what I’m doing wrong? Help please?

Also when I try to drag a file into the device it tells me I can’t  because the device cannot be modified… seems like I can’t win here…

did you login as “Admin” user when u first connect mybook and install smartware?

I was never given the option to sign in as an Admin or anything else. I also just realized that I didn’t say what I am using. The device is a 250 My Passport Essential

I have similar experience when smartware is installed with “Standard” user account. To fix that in my case (mybook):

  1. signon to Mac OS X using one of the “Admin” users

  2. uninstall using “WD SmartWare Uninstaller” (located in “Extras” of VCD); there should be something installed in /Library/Application Support/WDSmartWare and /LibraryLaunchDaemons.

  3. run “WD SmartWare” and let it install properly. (remember to run it from Admin user session.)

see if that could solve your problem.