No wireless connection (nor wireless configuration)

Recently I got my WD TV Play and when I turned it on and tried to configure its wireless connection I didn’t found anything related to this kind of connection. First i thought that I was missing something, but then I checked everywhere and there is no even a reference to wireless connection.

I saw this:

But when I go to “Network Setup” I don’t get to choose between “Wired” and “Wireless” as shown here:

Instead, I get directly “Automatic” or “Manual”, referring to wired connection. Something like this:

but without the first two lines.

Another thing that i noticed is that in network information only one MAC address is shown, which I suppose is not right since the Play has both eth and wlan.

I wonder what can I do to solve this, because I really need wireless connectivity. 

Thanks in advance,



Have you tried resetting the media player to factory defaults?

Check page #130 of the users manual for more information.