No web-access via

Can’t log-in to or from Denmark. Only white pages shows up.
Any clue? Thanks in advance.

We have passed along this information to Support.

Only enter, , in your browser then hit the Enter key and see what happens.

Same result - white page with both Chrome- and Firefox.

I’m also in DK and have the same problem.

As I could check, this issue seems to be related with DNS resolving problem. If you add in your router dashboard google dns ( and the problem should be resolved.

I’m sure you have checked this, but just in case:

Is Java installed on your machine, and is it enabled and working in web browser.
Verify page:

Yes latest version of Java enabled and working just fine in web browser.
Same issue on iPad with Safari.

Same issues here, cant even get the links in the activation mails to work. Have tried edge, IE and firefox on windows and safari, firefox on ipad. dns and java seems ok