No WD My Cloud found


I just bought the WD My CLoud.  Been trying to install it the first time.  I’d followed the instruction and used the online installer.  But im stucked at the second step, where it couldnt detect the WD My cloud.  What should i do?  I plugged the ethernet cabel to Belkin N wireless modem router…  Please help:smiley_cat:? Thanks.

As a first step, download wd discovery form here

run it on your pc and see what it says.

Also downloadd my netview and run it, this will scan your network.

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Thanks for the suggestion. 

I tried running the discovery, it says no network devices has been discovered.

but running the my netview, found 2 network devices,saying  'We have discovered wired devices that may be running at 10/100 Megabit Ethernet speeds, which can be caused by the client device/laptop/PC or because the router/switch is not a Gigabit Ethernet or 10/100/1000 Megabit Ethernet. Check your router’s user manual to see if you have a Gigabit Ethernet router. For optimal performance, Gigabit Ethernet routers and switches are recommended.

try rebooting your router.

Is there a connection (light) on the port on the router where the mycloud cable is connected?

also, try to reconnect to another port.

Is your pc hardwired to the router as well?

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Just plug in the My cloud to your router, wait for a few mins for it to be booted up and all. Then login to your router webpage ( for belkin i think it is , there see the connected devices, check the IP address of the My cloud drive., Using the IP address 192.168.2.xx . Will take you to dashboard.

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The same problem. 

No solution.

Router shows an IP of WD My Cloud but no browser can enter the panel.

Discovery and Net View can’t find device.

The only way find it is to use android phone.