No warranty outside US/Canada and EU

My WD My Book Home Edition crashed a while ago, and I have tried to get a new on warranty. But since I’ve lost the receipt (my old e-mails got deleted) and live outside EU (Norway), I don’t get a new, allthough it’s stil covered by warranty.

It won’t start and doesn’t show on my computer, but the disc it self is working. So it’s the power circuit that is broken.

Don’t buy a WD product if you are outside EU, US/Canada. Or at least, be sure to keep your receipt!

Hi there, 

You don’t need a receipt to claim warranty for your product. I’ve have replace plenty of hard drives with WD and

never was requested for invoice.

You can contact their RMA dept. and see what options you have available.

To contact WD


Yes, I tried that, but I was told that I had to send it to someone I know inside EU and let them return the device. But I don’t know any I can send it to, and I only have 9 days left of the warranty. So i guess there is no time… Other than that they couldn’t help me.

Wow that’s a bummer :neutral_face:. Have you contacted the Europe Center and see if you have alternatives to send it over there?

Western Digital has worldwide warranty and you are able to process an RMA to replace your product even if you are on the very last day of your warranty; you do not need the purchase receipt if it is listed under warranty. You will be provided with a shipping address to send your device (Which may not be on your country, as WD does not have a warehouse everywhere) and also detailed instructions in the overall process. The only difference is that you’ll only be able to process the Standard RMA instead of the Advanced, whose only difference is the shipping order.

For more information, please see:

Answer ID 8: How to get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for a product under warranty

Thanks for your answer.

That make a lot of sense, but I wish it was that simple. I still get directed to the same page where I’m asked to contact a distributor in my country. But they don’t want it because I miss my receipt and they don’t know if I bought it from them.

I’ve sent an e-mail to WD, but no answer yet. Hope to get a RMA before the warranty runs out…