No warranty on freshly bought drives from online shop

On trying to register two brand new drives (still sealed package) purchased on 16.08.2015 and received on 20.08.2015 from following message is returned by the website:

"Thank you for registering your product(s), 0 product(s) were registered out of 2. The following asset(s) failed to register: because it’s either an OEM product or the warranty has been voided. For further assistance, please contact the WD support team
Is there something wrong with these drives so that my warranty is impacted? I do not yet want a replacement and hopefully will never needed, I just wanted to check if everything is ok with the registration of the drives. Now this seems suspicious to me.

On the shop site at nothing was mentionned that it was such a drive without warranty. Is this a mistake or was I really sold a drive without the 3 years warranty on WD red drives? Do others have similar bad experiences?

Hello there, 

Sorry for the late response. For some reason the spam filter took this post. 

Contact WD Support directly to confirm that is not a mistake from the site. We normally recommend our users to by the product from authorize resellers to avoid this type of situations.