No Viewer App on your Device with My Cloud for App


 I have My Cloud app on my Kindle Fire HDX. I can see photos or PDFs directly on My Cloud device. I cannot view comic on My Cloud unless I have a viewer app installed on my Kindle Fire HDX.

 The issue was that I already tried out a few comic viewers which was installed, but I was still not able to view comic on My Cloud (still prompt to find a viewer from Market).

 I have 162 GB of comics was why I stored on My Cloud. I can view comics on My Cloud from my PC.

 So, how do I make My Cloud for App on Kindle Fire HDX to detect a proper viewer to open in?

Thanks, THartmann9374

If you copy one of these comic files directly to your Fire’s memory, and use a file browser to open it, does it correctly open in the comic viewer app?  

If not, then the comic viewer apps are not correctly registering themselves as a file handler for those types of files.

Yes I tested out by having some files in my Kindle Fire HDX and I was able to view them, but not from My Cloud app.

Update: I noticed that WD My Cloud for iPad is able to open comics by using OPEN WITH. I cannot do that with Kindle Fire HDX. 

 It is either that WD did not come up with OPEN WITH feature for android version. Please make that happen.

 I ended up purchasing Perfect Viewer to view comics on My Cloud.

THartmann9374 wrote:

 It is either that WD did not come up with OPEN WITH feature for android version. Please make that happen.

There is no “open with” functionality in any android app.   Open with is used in ALL cases – you just see it as an app chooser.

As to why the My Cloud App isn’t asking you to select an application when you select files, I can’t answer that – all the other files I use on my android tablet (asus tf700t) seem to work fine…

My only guess is that somehow the comic viewer is not registering itself as a handler in such a way the WD app is recognizing. 

What’s the extension of the Comic Book files?   

i am having the same issue while trying to stream .m2ts files.  I can play them locally with several different video playing apps, but this app just keeps telling me to download an app from the playstore. 

 The extensions for comics are: CBR and CBZ.

Download MX Player. I am pretty sure that works.

Im having the same issue with nexus 5, fire HD and Android Tablet. all ebooks selected through the wd app say no viewer app on your device. please download an app from the android market to view this file. I have 7 ebook readers inc kindle and can open mobi and epub locally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.