No Valid Backup Plan After Vista Hard Reboot

I’m running Vista, which I have had some problems with. Especially if I’m away from my PC for some time, the screen saver locks things up and I have to hit the power button to reboot. I would say 50% of the time when the machine comes back, WD Anywhere says it can’t find a valid backup plan. The folder is there, all the files are there, but obviously the resiliency of the product doesn’t cover all of these situations. Makes me worried that one time I might have to reload and now it becomes a chore because I don’t have the product to help me. Any ideas? Update says I’m current. Are there some settings I’m missing ???

You don’t give enough information. Drive Model, OS, How is the drive mapped/attached to the system. If you reboot, can you open the drive by double-clicking on it?

Drive is a my passport wd3200ML.  It is a USB attach, and yes I can always access the drive.  It shows up on my computer.  I can double click and see all the foldersand their content.  I see the folders with the names of the old backup plans.  When WD Anywhere coimes back after the reboot, it says can’t find a valid backup plan.  I go to try to reactivate and point to these folders, but says not valid. 

WD Backup Anywhere Version 4.00.5484

Vista SP2

What else might you need?


I have a White Light MyBookWorld 1TB that decided to “lose” it’s backup plan following a BSOD crash a couple of days ago. I searched and found the following tips:

I reviewed by log files to determine the correct instance to delete, followed the process and when I re-opened WD Backup Anywhere it was able to recognise my plan. Now as the next posters suggests be careful as you could remove your whole WD Backup Anywhere backup plan, or I guess worse corrupt something and have to start again.