No update icon

Have followed instructions by Selecting settings from the on-screen menu, but there is no firmware upgrade icon there to select. 

 Any help appreciated.

Make sure your USB device is FAT32. Make sure the USB flash drive total capacity is less than say…512MB in size. Make sure that you actually have a newer firmware on your flash drive than what is currently on your device. Nothing that would be advertised anywhere of course, or nothing you should even have to deal with, just workarounds for something that should just work.

Most of all…cross your fingers… hit it with a stick a few times (some people prefer hitting it with remote instead)…

You could also maybe unplug it, wait a minute or so, hold down the reset button on the device, plug it back in, and then try it.

I don’t think there has been any one problem in this area so it’s hard to say, but I’ve heard of some of the above working. You could also call tech support but I’ve only heard/experienced lack of support from there. Not because they’re totallyincompetent, it’s just that this device is so riddled with bugs it’d take a PHD to figure them all out.

Try a few things and report back if it does or doesn’t work. Others would like to know as well I’m sure.