No Thumbnails - WD MY CLOUD App on IOS Mobile Devices


I am trying to figure out why I cannot see picture thumbnails with WD My Cloud App running on IOS devices ( IPHONE, IPAD). I have the latest firmware running on my EX2box and I believe my settings are correct (Media server enabled, cloud access enabled, etc…) but yet all I can see is those generic icons for every single picture I uploaded with the app. By the way, I only uploaded 10 pictures and a couple of movies just to test so there shouldn’t be a processing delay. At this point I am lost… Any ideas ?

Ohh, and one more , even a bigger problem is that I can upload pictures with this WD PHOTOS app , but cannot see them… isn’t it funny ? I can see them with MY CLOUD app (no thumbnails but they are there).

I alrwady opened a support ticket but wonder what the community experience is regarding to those issues… I have been reading the forum pages and tried couple of things likedisabling the remote access and rebooting but none worked so far …



WD My Cloud App on IOS does not support Thumbnails. I suggest you post this in the ideas section.

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Photos uploaded with WD Photos will be stored in the public pictures folder

Hi Hamlet,

Thank you for reply but actually WD My Cloud App DOES SUPPORT thumbnails on IOS devices . It just works on IOS :wink:

Anyway we spent couple of hours with the tech service, and verified that the problem was the SSD drives. SSD drives are not officially supported and tested by the engineering and hence, in my case, in RAID 1 they failed to , again somehow, make thumbnail functionality work. On the other hand, when I tried those units in the Spanning Jbod, I was able to see thumbnails both with WD My CLOUD and WD PHOTOS app.

So be warned, if you are thinking about SSDs( I used Intel 730 series), you might lose RAID 1 ( Actually it works fine except the weird humbnail issue).

Thanks again for your reply!

Does anyone have the details to post a complete and accurate answer about the thumbnail question? The responses - across several threads including from moderators - are inconsistent and incomplete. For web access, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, which WD Apps are available that will show thumbnails? I have looked and searched and I cannot find a list. This is getting annoying because the point of buying a networked WD drive is to use it in the same ways I would use Wuala or other file services. Getting lists of pictures without thumbnails and with truncated names negates most of the potential benefits that I thought I would get from this investment. I am using the native My Book Live device as I purchased it. We have all three types of smart devices as well as web users in the family, and no one is enjoying this migration to WD from Wuala, where browsing pictures was simpler than I thought.

Thanks in advance. 

This is a main problem of wdcloud also, and no one answered about and no one solved that problem. I spend lots money and this is terrible.

why no one interested in and try to solve that problem. 

my mobile phone, even at home can not access the photos 

this is stupid and WD fooled all of us