No support for external drives?

The last time that I actually used WDTV’s firmware, I upgraded and next thing I know, my external drive (which is a WD also) no longer worked. Suspecting it was a software upgrade issue, I unplugged my external drive and plugged it into my other WDTV and it worked fine. Upgraded that WDTV and as expected, the external drive no longer worked.

Thankfully I I stumbled onto the alternative WDLXTV firmware which reads the drive with no problem. If manufacturers wonder why there’s such a thriving alternative scene in hacking their products this is a good example of why.

I’d be happy to use the officially sanctioned firmware, if it actually works. Has anyone else had this problem?

sherab wrote:

 Has anyone else had this problem?

Apparently many others.  You might want to search this forum.