No Support for DV File Format!

Hello WD,

You have a great product.

However, I (and many others) are still waiting for raw, uncompressed video?

I am not about to encode 2TB worth of family VHS tapes when this WD device should play them without a problem. I mean, it’s not even encoded…its just raw video in a file format that has existed (and will continue to exist) for years!




Agreed.  I have a huge amount of raw DV footage that I want to be able to watch without being forced to convert it to another format (making it potentially lossy).


My friends and I are looking into a media server and it’s between the WDTV Live and Xtreamer.

Not being able to play AVI files from my DV player would definitely be a deal breaker.

Any word on support for this on the horizon?

Yes, yes, yes… DV support is definitely needed. To be able to watch home videos is THE reason I got the WD TV Live. Recent HDV stuff works OK but DV saved as avi is not supported but should be!


It does play AVI files… Mine plays just about everything… 

One more here  waiting for a proper firmware taht should already exist. I have several hours of home videos recorded on DV. And let’s not forget that many of us own a W DTV 1, because WD seems to have forgotten its earlier model…

I totally agree with that. I have many DV tapes transfered on HDD, and would like to view them without re-encoding.

Yes, I fully support this request to have the DV Format compatible with the WD TV Live Media Player.

I had an enormous collection of old Super 8 films.

They were all converted to Digital in the DV Format.

I would like to watch them without need to first convert to avi

This should be possible

We are waiting …

Being a shooter/editor myself, I doubt that you’re going to dump all your tapes on to your drive without editing them first, nobody wants to sit through hours of raw video with family and friends so I would have to assume that you’re going to want to edit the clips first.

That being the case, export the final movie as an AVI and you’re golden, simple and sweet. If you must do the raw files for whatever reason, get a copy of Scenealyzer, ingest all your video using that as it will save everything in the format you choose and AVI is an option so you would get a file that the box will play.