No subtitles


Up until now, i streamed my movies to my DNLA Philips tv. without any problems, using the Mezzmo Media server.

So, when i watch a movie with a .srt file, everything works fine.

When i move this movie to my public movie folder (also with the .srt file), then i can watch it, but there are no subtitles…

Normally, the twonky server supports .srt files, but does it support a Philips TV ?

Or am i doing something wrong ?


Certain media servers don’t work well with subtitles unless they are embedded to the file.

There are multiple post talking about similar issues on this community.

.art file has the exact name as movie?

Twonky Server has problems with some smart tv model I.e some LG, take a look at twonky forums.

A workaround is to repack movie ans subs in mkv container with mkvmerge it will take less than a minute even with multi giga movies.


I will try this tonight and will keep you informed.

Is this freeware ?  Could you give me the exact link where to download the correct version of mkvmerge ?


I have installed the program, and merged the .mp4 and .srt

When i watch the .mkv file on my television, no subtitles are shown…

When i watch it on my computer with VLC i can see the subtltiles .