No subtitles

I’ve just bought a wd hd media player and i notised a problem!in most dvd films i can’t find the subtitle.The films are in Iso or img format,is there a solution to that problem?

This isn’t really a WD TV question but…

I use DVDFab. With that, you can open up an ISO and see what subtitles it contains. DVDFab isn’t free software but there is a trial of it if you’re interested. I’m sure there is other free software out there that you could do this with and I think makemkv is one of them but I haven’t used it so I can’t say for sure. Someone who has used it could tell you more, or you could just try it.

My guess is that you try to find subs in a custom subbed dvd iso,you can stop searching because it doesnt work,but in pal version it works fine,img dont work at all,you must rename to iso