No subtitles when using server

Hey i just have my wd tv live for 2 days now but my problem is that i don’t see my subtitles, when i press option and subtitle it tells me there is no subtitle. But there is!

I use avi files and srt files for the subtitles. It works when i hook up my usb drive, then i see the subtitles. But when i go to my server and browser for my video he doesn’t put the subtitle with it :S

The name is the same on the files i also tried no spaces, but nothing. Plz help.


I’m guessing you’re using a Media Server instead of network shares?   Media servers do not support subtitles that are in separate files.

I’m using media server yes, because i have a windows home server from hp. Is there a way to get my subtitles on it?

Then that’s the issue… Media servers don’t support external subtitles. 

You’ll need to re-mux your files to a container that supports INTERNAL subs, such as MKV, or whatever file types your server supports.

Or drop the server or use a server that supports srt or watch from shares instead.