No subtitles on m2ts!

I have the blue ray files copied into my passport.  I played it on TV and no audio w/ no subtitles.  The reason was the audio for english was encoded as DTS and my TV did not support it.  So, I set the HDMI audio to analog and now, the m2ts file thats around 13GB, plays on my WDTVLive with audio but it does not detect the subtitles.  It says “No Subtitles” !!

I tried the both encoding support for the europe, still no success.  Anything else I am missing ?

I ripped the subtitle file from the m2ts and renamed as, same as my mts file.  Now it detects the subtitles.  Strange… huh ???  

I updated my WDTV Live to 1.02.21 today.  It has fixed the subtitle issue.  Thanks fellas !!