"No storage present"


I’ve bought a WD TV LIVE wi-fi model.

I’ve upgraded the firmware succesfully through wi-fi to 1.12.14.

After this upgrade the device doesn’t recognize any USB storage, pendrive etc…

I’ve tried to rollback the firmware with FAT32 and NTFS drives, just as the official guide says,

but after i plug the firmware drive in, the device going to freeze from both usb slots. After the freeze is gone, it doesn’t recognise anything. No popups, no “new firmware” menu.

So now, i’ve stuck in with my brand new device.

How could i rollback the machine?

Are you sure you’re using the ROLLBACK code, not just an original copy of some former version?

I was trying firmwares from here:


And i used the guide below, so yes, i think i did everything fine. ^^

Try resetting to factory defaults in the menu.