No storage present on network drives


I just received my new WD TV Live Gen3 to replace my fully working Gen2.

All i did was replace the old with the new, and used the same drop-cable as with the old one.

The problem I am having is that on every menu where i can select network storage, both SMB/CIFS and NFS gives me the message “No storage present”. Even in the media library settings.

The old box connected without any problems.

I have a FreeNAS on my network that supports SMB/CIFS/NFS, that works fine with everything else I have connected to it with (MacOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Android, My old WD TV Live), but its as if the new WD TV doesn’t even try.

The firmware version is: 1.04.12

Any help would be great!

  • Kim

And the network does work, both wired and wireless

I can stream via spotify and Youtube.

  • Kim

And the fix, to the problem: Setting the workgroup name to the same as on the NAS.

Thanks for the help.