No stereo sound output via optical audio out

for 5.1 shows on netflix the sound comes thru fine via the optical cable.

however, if i watch a show that is only in stereo sound i have to change the settings on the WD live box to stereo and use the a/v cable.

should i not be able to get the stereo audio thru the optical cable as well? it’s a major pain to have to change the settings everytime i view something with a different audio type.

I have the same problem and it makes me crazy :cry: Please help!

i just got off the phone with wd tech support and they said this is the first time they’ve heard of this issue. they advised me that the only solution they can offer right now is to rollback the firmware.

checked my firmware and it was version 1.14 so i updated it to 1.15 and it didn’t make any difference.

a few things i’ve noticed:

  • if audio out is set to optical i only get 5.1 output via the optical. there’s no stereo output via the optical or analog cables. it doesn’t matter what the video out is set to or if the hdmi cable is connected or not.

  • if the audio out is set to stereo and the hdmi cable is connected, i only get audio from the analog outputs.

  • if audio out is set to stereo and the hdmi cable is not connected, i get audio from the analog and optical outputs.

note: TVlive automatically switches the video out from hdmi to composite depending on whether a hdmi cable is connected.

so while all the outputs do work correctly ( i can get stero out via the analog and optical cable and i can get 5.1 out via the optical cable), this means the issue appears to be a switching problem as a result of the firmware. i don’t have a usb stick so will have to pick one up in order to rollback the firmware to a previous version as described on these two pages: