No stereo sound Netflix, but digital plus works

Have a WDTV Live with latest firmware connected via HDMI to my Pioneer Elite SC-61 receiver and if my settings are set to stereo everything in Netflix has audio just fine. But if I set it to Digital pass-through via HDMI anything in Netflix with only a stereo audio track will be mute but all programs with Dolby Digital Plus work fine. Pretty annoying to have to go back to setting to switch to stereo and then back to digital pass-through for when I want Dolby Digital Plus support. 


Take a look at this thread… Hope it helps.

I am having the same problem. I am using I recently got a hometheater system which is connected to the WD player via optical and is selected to passthrough DD,DTS and AAC. In netflix I can see the video but the titles with stereo audio arent giving out any sound. If I select the titles with DD+ its working fine. Is there any fix for that or did you manage to fix it somehow. Thanks in advance.


Will be better if you open a new thread with a full description of your issue since this thread is inactive since 02/14