No sound

I installed the latest update (1.06.15v) and now I have no sound. The unit is (WD TV Live HD media player). It has worked excellent until now. I have also tried to roll back the firmware one at a time up to (1.04.22) and still nothing. 

Does any one have any ideas? 

You audio output settings, it is setup as digital or stereo, if is setup to digital, change to stereo or vice versa.

I have the WD Live Plus HD Media Player that I usually watch movies thru from my WD My book essential but I don"t have any sound anymore, Not thru Pandora, from youtube, not from the games or anything… I use the Plug that came with it… Looks like a headphone jack that goes to component Plugs, I have tried The other Plug that came with it (headphone to RCA) and it also does not work nor does the HDMI… I have also Updated it thru the systems area and tried 3 different TV’s…

I have seen where other People have had this Problem and if you can’t tell Im not real savvy with these Gizmos, Should I return this product to the store and get my money back or is there a way to get the sound working again?, oh ya I also tried as the above said by swapping the audio to stereo and digital and neither worked