No sound WMAPro audio

No sound with latest beta firmware.

Link to file

WDTV Live detect audio stream as WMAPro but no play it.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s a supported audio codec.

Re-encode using ffmpeg.


WMApro audio only seams to work with digital output. and it does work if external reciever supports WMApro.
the problem is it does’nt downmix to stereo and output via hdmi or analog. it does however if it is 2 channel wma9 audio.

Looks like that file’s WMA Pro track doesn’t work, but others that I’ve tested do. I’ll send that file over to the dev team for analysis.

I had the same problem.  I solved it by buying one of these from Amazon:

A little pricey, but it works and I am able to use my headphones again.  Converts optical to l/r RCA outputs.