NO SOUND with 1080p with DTS sound!

Ok, so I had 2 other 1080p files that wouldn’t play ANY sound, so I thought maybe, it was an isolated case.

Video Bitrate… : X264@  8127K
Audio Bitrate … : DTS 1536K
Frame Rate : 23.976 Fps
Resolution : 1920 x1080

Now, DTS audio is not working?

I’m using the latest firmware

In the manual it says it will, my friend plays DTS in his MKV files

It’s got to be in your setup somewhere

Yep, it was my set up, for some reason, the sound was set to digital, and I changed it to stereo, the sound is fully working now. :slight_smile:

I was going to mention that setting but wasnt sure what your setup was.

You need to use optical cable to enable digital when that setting is used