No sound when playing netflix

So I just go my brand spanking new unit from amazon, and started putting it through it’s paces. So far it plays mkvs and avi’s fine, and also does pandora fine.

But, when I do netflix, there is video but no audio!

I am using HDMI out from WD TV LIVE to my onkyo receiver.

PCM/dolby digital/dts works fine for mkvs/avis, and pandora plays fine, so how come netflix has no sound?

also I noticed, if I try to play anything else after exiting netflix, sound is all distorted and I have to power cycle the unit to get things sounding ok again.

any ideas?

Does your Onkyo support “Dolby Digital Plus”?

If not, then you’ll need to try selecting a different audio track from the NetFlix menu.   

Before you PLAY an item, the menu (towards the bottom) will have a “Subtitles & Audio” list.   Select that and change it to something else.

This sounds like an issue with your receiver for sure. Try plugging the device directly into your TV and see if sound plays - if it does, than you can be sure thats where the issue lies.

yes my receiver does support DD plus, it supports pretty much all the formats out there.

maybe it has to due with the option for “hdmi digital pass thru”. does anyone know how that option is different from “stereo”?

will both send the audio over the hdmi cable?

If your AVR decodes everything, then you want to use “Digital Passthrough,” not Stereo.

Yes, both settings send audio out the HDMI cable, but setting it to STEREO forces the WD to decode the audio and only output 2 channels as PCM.

I’ve no trouble with netflix sound however since I upgraded to the latest firmware (1.04.12) I sometimes get distorted sound for any music/video from any source - A power toggle off/on fixes the problem - A bit annoying but the power toggle is fast

its   you settings   thats  what  mine  was doing   you  have  to  change the  setting    for   it   you  have  2  choices   can  tell  u  step  by  step    i  dont  remember   steps   i  just  went  and  started  changing  things but  i’ll  try  to  go  back  in  if  i can  ill  post  it