No sound when playing direct from card? why? help

Why No sound I shot a small video with my NIKON 8.0 Meg camera that shoots video in .AVI and it says its

64 kbps

audio sample 8 bit

I not doing it thru network Im tryin g to play it straight off a SD card

the video plays but no sound…


We would need to know the audio codec for that file.

Use mediainfo or some such and post.

ok here is what it says about it:

Audio ID : 1 Format : ADPCM Format profile : U-Law Codec ID : 7 Codec ID/Hint : CCITT Duration : 1mn 36s Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 64.0 Kbps Channel(s) : 1 channel Sampling rate : 8 000 Hz Bit depth : 8 bits Stream size : 752 KiB (1%) Interleave, duration : 33 ms (1.00 video frame)

That’s an *extremely* low audio sampling rate (actually, the lowest that PCM even supports) – the quality is barely adequate for walkie-talkies let alone anything you’d want to actually record.  While I’m not sure, I’m guessing that’s the issue (most likely the Live assumes at least 22khz, which is pretty poor in and of itself).

The first thing I’d try (if I were you) would be to see if your camcorder can record in a better audio rate – even if you can get the Live to play it you don’t want to record at that rate.  If you can’t (or you can’t play the resultant file anyway) we can try other things.

Its not a camcorder its a Nikon camera that all so shoots video… I can play it on my comuter with no problems and the sound i sactually pretty good,

so what would you suggest to get these to play on the WD live unit?

If you can upload a small sample file, I can send it to the development team for review.

Ok How do I do that here in the forum and I take it there is no way to watch it on the wd UNIT RIGHT NOW?

johnbor wrote:

Ok How do I do that here in the forum and I take it there is no way to watch it on the wd UNIT RIGHT NOW?

All so I can upload it to my youtube account and then watch it from the youtube stream and it has sound…

so whats going on what do I have to convert them to ?

If you are comfortable with command line you can convert using ffmpeg (I’d use AAC for the format).

Handbrake would convert both the video and the audio but at the High Preset you wouldn’t lose any quality (and it’s a no-brainer to use – just change the output type to MKV).  Both it and ffmpeg are freeware.