No sound via hdmi wd streamer to TV


Just purchased the WD TV Live streaming media player, hooked up to TV with HDMI cord, i get the video but no sound.

using other components I can get sounds but with the HDMI i can see the picture but no sound.

i plugged the same device with the same HDMI cable on other TV and it worked perfectly with picture and sound.

i have the up to date streamer’s  firmware version.

i can have sound with the same HDMI cable when i plug the laptop to the TV so the hdmi cable is fine.

i saw this problem on other users in the WD forums and there was no solution.

i have a Marantz fx26lc ||/ fx32lc || module TV.

Any  suggestion?

any update?

i upgraded the latest firmware yesterday but there is no change.

i need a solution guys.

Have you set the AUDIO MODE of your WDTV to Stereo?

Yes I did.

I checked in all other options but with no success.

Is it a DTS file on the video you are trying to play ?

Have you tried playing something with just AC3 sound ?

Are you saying that you do get sound via HDMI on another TV using the WD player but not on the TV you want to use?
Can you try another HDMI lead just to eliminate that entirely,
I assume that you have tried to play something simple like mp3’s / YouTube.