No sound suddenly via HDMI 1 with Samsung LCD TV LA32D450G1M

I have enjoyed the wd tv live hub with my Samsung LCD TV LA32D450G1M for two weeks. The WD connect via HDMI to my samsung’s HDMI port no. 1.

Yesterday when I want to play the music video, there are no sound at all, but the picture is OK.

I tried connect via component cable and composite cable, both are just fine with audio and picture are OK.

I tried connect via hdmi to port no. 2 in my samsung tv, the sound and picture is OK.

So, the problem is with hdmi port no. 1 in samsung tv.

Could this be the problem with samsung hdmi port no. 1? or something has been changed in the wd settings?

I have check all the settings on both wd and samsung. I have no other device work using hdmi, and have no other hdmi cable, so I cannot test which one caused the problem.

Any idea?

As far as I know, there is not any mayor change in the HDMI settings, as you stated, it might be the HDMI port of your TV set. Unfortunately, without another device, to make some test, it will be hard to determent the cause of this situation.

Not sure if you are still trying to solve this problem, but I thought I would reply for future instances of this problem.

My Samsung TV had the exact same problem. After a few days of happily playing with my new WDTV LIve Hub, the sound just stopped working on ALL media, including Sample Media. Things that I had just watched, were no longer streaming sound. I played around with the cables, but HDMI never provided sound, just perfect video. I finally got sound with composite cables, but not the solution I was looking for.

Then I tried one last trick, I changed the name of the device on the TV input list. Samsung TVs have a few preset names you can assign to inputs so you can quickly select between DVD, Game, etc consoles. I had previously selescted “DVI Devices” since nothing else seemed appropriate for the Hub and you can’t type your own. When I switched this back to “DVD” or unnamed, sound came back and the Hub works perfectly.

Hopefully this easy solution works for you too.