No sound over HDMI with LG 50PX4D-EB


I’m a newbie with WDTV but noticed an issue that’s more a FYI than anything else as I expect it will not be addressed anytime soon.

I have a WDTV running firmware 1.04.17 with a LG 50PX4D-EB, unfortunately sound does not work via the HDMI interface to this specific TV and seems like it never did in previous firmware versions.

I addressed the specific issue by using the audio-out plug to a amp, whilst not ideal it does do the job for now until this is addressed by a firmware fix (i guess) -  I’m not hoping or relying on that fact too much :stuck_out_tongue:

I have performed the following to come to this conclusion:

  • Tried the past 4 (sorry do not have prior version numbers) firmwares available, none of them work with this particular LG TV and HDMI for sound.

  • Tried the past 4 (sorry do not have prior version numbers) firmwares available, all fo them work with analogue sound out but no sound with this particular LG TV and HDMI.

  • Switching between Stereo/Digital in options makes no difference (still no sound) when expecting sound over HDMI

  • Tried several differently encoded videos to ensure it is not a video issue, sound consistantly works via the analogue audio output vs. expecting it over HDMI

  • Rebooted the WDTV (serveral times)

  • Unplugged/replugged in LG TV serveral times

  • Tried to play music (mp3) and radio stations - all of them has no sound over HDMI with this specific LG TV whilst working with analogue audio out.

  • Replaced HDMI cables - no change

  • Whlst the LG TV only has a single HDMI port I tried with and without a digital HDMI switch-box, makes no difference

  • HDMI port itself is not broken on the LG TV as a PS3, Xbox 360 and a Sky cable-box works perfectly with sound on this TV.

  • Turned off TV and WDTV turned them on (and in reverse order) - no change with HDMI sound out

  • Unfortunately do not have a optical audio cable to try out but I expect that to work fine if analogue audio out works ok.

  • The unit itself is not defective as WDTV works fine with 2 other HDMI tv’s including all 3 sets of HDMI cables I did the above testing with.

If anybody has any other wild ideas on what I could test please let me know - but as I mentioned above, I’m pretty content on that there is a issue interfacing with the HDMI controller for sound on this specific LG TV model and I can live with that even though it’s not ideal.



Are you sure that your video files dont have aac 5.1? That audio codec will not play no matter how you connect the WDTV.


I have tried stereo, mono, AAC 5.1 and a few other video codec formats which is responding as I would expect - if the case was that Audio worked in say Youtube or when playing MP3’s and not for CERTAIN video codecs then you argument would stand that it is a codec issue, however that is not the case. With the switch between HDMI and analogue audio out I can replicate the sitsuation in Youtube/Music(mp3) & Video (various codecs), not just some of them.

Since various video codecs, audio codecs and generally sound-making-applications on the WDTV was tested without success with HDMI on this tv model I’m forced to conclude that it is the tv model and specifically the HDMI interface on the tv causing the issue.