No sound over HDMI + cant set 1080p

Hi Guys,

I have been a WDTV live user now for about a week, everything worked fine until i got a broken hdmi cable… pins inside of the cable were crossed (damaged) so i had to get a new hdmi cable. In my living room i have an optical digital cable and the sound works fine with the digital option.

The problem is that i have no sound over the HDMI cable when im playing anything in my bedroom (mp3, mkv etc), i have no surround set in there so i have to use the hdmi cable for sound. I have tried 2 types of hdmi cables and these cables are accepted by my playstaion 3… i get normal sound. Ive changed the option from “digital” to “stereo” but that didnt make a difference. I have also tried new firmware 1.04.10 and older firmware + i have resetted the machine a few times on the side of my unit. Is it possible that the old HDMI cable damaged the machine?

Am i missing something here? :frowning:

Hope that someone understands these issues and can help me out!

Thanks alot! :slight_smile:

You might have a bad HDMI port, as both HDMI cables work with others devices. 

You can try to connect the WD TV, using the Composite cables, once the WD TV is working, including the audio, connect the HDMI cable and switch to HDMI output in the WD TV…It might work.