No Sound on VOB - What to rip with?

Hi all, I have searched for this answer here and out on the web but I am not getting it.  I recently picked up the WDTV Live and love it thus far and think that my problem is user ignorance, not the WD unit :slight_smile:

I have an older version of DVDFab Platinum that I use for ripping copies of the kids DVDs so that I can have a copy at the cottage as well as home.  I just put in the disc and either copy entire disc or main movie, depending on the size/length of the movie, to my local drive then burn a copy from that.  I have a huge binder of discs, and was quite happy to learn that I could just rip them all to my hdd and use WDTV to select and play (no more eternal changing of discs).

I went into one of the VIDEO_TS folders and grabbed the biggest vob file and copied it to my Passport drive.  It played fine but it gave a warning about “no audio stream” or something at the beginning and then played with no audio.

My question is either a: what am I missing/doing wrong or b: as I am willing to purchase ripping software, what is the best solution for what I want to accomplish with the WD TV Live?

Thank you in advance for your help.


I’m using SlySoft AnyDVD, DVD decrypter or DVD Shrink freewares and the jdobbs DVD Rebuilder Freeware Edition v0.98.2 to decrease file size of some movies. I haven’t had a problem yet. My final product I’m saving all as ISO files, then I can burn a copy easily later if needed

There are infinite ways to do it, I choose to remove everything only leaving the movie and multi-channel audio. No extras trailers etc

Any luck. I have the same problem. I have a VOB file and the movie is playing fine, but it says no audio.

Can you post the media info on that file?