No sound on TV when watching movies Via WD TV HD Media Player 1080p

I have a LG Flatron FULL HD tv and I connect my USB drive with 720p movies to the WD HD Media Player, and then connect the media player to my TV using a HDMI-DVI cable. The picture quality is absolutely perfect but I cant get ANY SOUND at all! Even MP3’s don’t give any sounds. Is this because I use a HDMI-DVI cable (instead of using a pure HDMI cable)? If not can someone please tell me what might be wrong? How can I correct it? I am quite disappointed with this product at the moment :confused:

This forum is for the WDTV Live only and you may get incorrect answers to your problem. No doubt a moderator will move your question to the correct board.

But while you’re here, the answer is YES.   DVI doesn’t have AUDIO signals.   You either need to use :

1>  HDMI to HDMI

2>  TOSLINK out to something that has a TOSLINK input (AVR or something)

3>  Audio cable from the WDTV to the TV (and set the WDTV to STEREO instead of DIGITAL.)

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Hey Tony, Thank you for the reply. I am getting a HDMI-HDMI cable on Monday, so I will check if it solves my problem and then get back to you. Sorry about posting this on the wrong forum. I couldn’t find the other forum until you provided me the link. 

Also my TV has a tosilink port. Incase the HDMI cable doesn’t solve my problem do you think connecting one end of the tosilink to the WD player and the other end to my TV would solve it?



I experienced the exact same problem, I change to the composite lead (red,blue&green included in the box) and the picture quality was as just as good as the HDMI cable, I certainly did not notice any difference and the sound was perfect

Good luck…

The composite cable I received has yellow, white and red tabs, while my TV only has red and white for audio and then green,blue and red for video. So there is no port on my TV for the yellow tab which comes with that cable… :confused:

Those green/blue/red inputs are for component, not composite.  IIRC, the Live comes with a component cable as well, which you should use (so a component cable has five separate cable ends, RGB and Red/White for audio).

The TOSLINK port on your TV is most likely an OUTPUT, not an INPUT.  

Also, the YELLOW cable (on the RED/WHITE/YELLOW) is Composite Video.  You don’t need to connect that; just connect the RED and WHITE, and make sure you set BOTH devices to use the analog audio ports.

I think you’ll find that DVI DOES have audio signals. I use a 10 metre DVI lead from my PC to my TV, then connect a DVI->HDMI adapter before it goes into the TV . Audio works from the PC no problem.

Yes, a few computer makers are putting audio in the DVI interface.  It’s the exception rather than the rule.