No Sound on DTS-HD format

I tried to play this movie on my  WD TV Live Media Player  , but I could not hear the sound

( Death.At.A.Funeral.2010.1080p.BluRay.x264-MACH)

Then I discovered that this film uses DTS-HD sound. Other movies use DTS-MA !

Know if they will leave a firmware that allow reading these audio files of movies?
If not, know any program that can convert movies DTS-HD for DTS standard?Thanks.

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The Live will pass the DTS core of a DTS-HD track to be decoded by a receiver, but your receiver needs to be able to decode DTS and the Live needs to be set to “digital” (in Audio/Video settings).  If you set it to “Stereo” it should decode the DTS core of that DTS-HD track properly.

If it does not then the file is authored incorrectly – try it again running the original through Handbrake using the High Profile preset but change the output type to MKV.  If you have the ability to decode DTS then just passthrough the DTS tracks – otherwise let Handbrake change them to AAC (the default).

Note that you need the ORIGINAL material to do this – this board does not support piracy and cannot recommend working with pirated files.  For the original, rip your blu-ray disc to the hard drive using a program like AnyDVD (because otherwise the file may have been created improperly).

That is, the live does not support this file type!

The live will not be able to support this kind of files with a firmware on prepared?
Or is it simply a problem of the live be limited in this aspect?

What file type?  I’m not going to go download it to find out since it’s illegal for me to do so…

Death.At.A.Funeral.2010.1080p.BluRay.x264-MACH) ****This filme use DTS-HD audio file !

Is not suported .

I’m trying to use Handbrake to move from DTS-HD for DTS standard , but if I do not want to lose the image quality of the movie (1080p.), I’ll spend more than17 hours in the encoding!

You haven’t answered the question.

You said the FILE TYPE is not supported, and I asked what file type the file is.  I don’t CARE about the Audio codec used.

MKV file.With DTS-HD.

My problem is not seeing the movie, but  heard it!


Make sure you mux the file with MKVMerge v4.0 or earlier, because later versions enable a function called “HEADER REMOVAL,” which the WDTV does not currently support.

If Header Removal is turned ON, you will get NO AUDIO at all.

You can confirm this by using the freeware tool “MKVInfo” as part of the MKVToolnix package.   

If the MKVInfo lists a compression type, as demonstrated here:

| + Default duration: 32.000ms (31.250 fps for a video track)
| + Audio track
| + Sampling frequency: 48000
| + Channels: 6
| + Content encodings
| + Content encoding
| + Content compression  
| + Algorithm: 3 (header removal) <----- HERE
| + Settings: length 2, data: 0x0b 0x77

then that file will not work on the WDTV.

By the way, DTS-HD and DTS-MA are the same thing.    DTS is more correctly known as “DTS-HD Master Audio.”

And ALL DTS-HD files have a DTS core which can be played just fine by the Live (assuming, as Tony says, that you didn’t use MKVMerge with header compression on to mux it).

And (further) NO media player can either decode or pass through DTS-HD files to be decoded (just the core can be played).  So including the DTS-HD audio is kind of redundant (that’s assuming you’re making these files yourself – as Tony says (again) we can’t download pirated movies here).

Thank you all for your help.

From what I’ve read, the xtreamer does passthrough with the new beta firmware.