No sound in youtube

Hi. Need some help 

After I updated the WDTV Live with the latest firmware, the sound in youtube not working.

In Audio / Video setting I set it thru HDMI, and I checked all the formats to work thru the HDMI.

The HDMI connected to my ONKYO RECEIVER. This receiver support any kind of sound format.


Well, apparently your receiver doesn’t “support any kind of sound format”.

I looked around can’t find any Onkyo receiver that will decode AAC (whether 5.1 or 2.0), so of course any that won’t do that can’t decode the AAC audio it’s getting bitstreamed from YouTube.

Your only options are:

  • choose videos that are in a format your receiver will decode
  • set the WDTV to “Stereo” so that it downmixes the AAC 5.1 to LPCM 2.0 that EVERYTHING understands, if the YouTube vids are 5.1 and not stereo*
  • buy a new receiver that actually will decode the AAC that you’re bitstreaming to it

* I honestly don’t know, when the WDTV is set to “Stereo”, whether 2.0 AAC is ouput over HDMI as 2.0 AAC or 2.0 LPCM… if it’s LPCM (as I think it is) then setting it to “Stereo” would work for all AAC, not just 5.1.

Of-course my receiver support any kind of format.

First. Before the latest update. The youtube sounds work perfect.

Here is the specification of my receiver:


Both that NewEgg page and Onkyo’s pages themselves only say that it will decode DTS and Dolby Digital.  No mention is made of AAC.

But, if you’re convinced that the manufacturer is wrong, you could always roll back to a firmware that you feel was working (which, in truth, was likely outputting LPCM stereo as opposed to bitstreaming the AAC).

But the fact remains that only a receiver that was _ designed _ to decode AAC, actually _ will _ decode AAC bitstreamed to it.  It’s no different than if someone tries talking to you in a language you don’t know or understand.

Yes you right. i uncheck the ‘AAC’ options from the audio settion (thru HDMI), and now it working perfect.