No sound in my home theater

I’m using HDMI for video to my LCD and optical (Toslink) for audio to my Samsung home theater model HT-Z210. I set the WD media player to “digital” and the home theater to “digital in”  no audio comes out to my home theater, but if i’m using the AV cable, i’ts working properly. Can somebody help me finding the problem. Thanks in advance

Consult your amplifier manual and make certain that the Toslink input is mapped correctly on your amplifier. Also make certain that the audio selection to the mapped input is set to digital in, not analogue. Most amplifiers will also have an audio auto select for every input, you can try setting the audio input to auto detect.  If your digital TV has a Toslink out, try that as a digital audio source.

If in doubt; reset your amplifier to factory default and use the audio input defined in your amplifier manual as the Toslink input. If everything is correct the WDTV Live box should work correctly.