No sound if Netflix or Youtube is used with HDD


Very often there is no sound when using Netflix and Youtube. At present I found that I have to choose between using a local HDD or the Web Apps to avoid this issue.

My configuration:

  • WD TV Live Streaming
  • Firmware 2.02.32, but the issue was there with the previous firmware and Youtube.
  • Settings: HDMI auto, Sound output set to stereo, French language.
  • 2 sound outputs, HDMI to TV and analog to stereo amplifier.
  • 1 HDD connected to USB. Video source set to “local storage”.
  • WiFi network.

What happens:

I start the WD from stand-by, then start Netflix or Youtube. There is no sound (both HDMI and analog outputs).

Fix 1: Remove the HDD from USB, reset the device. Problem won’t come back unless the HDD is plugged.

Fix 2 for both Netflix and Youtube: Reset the device. Problem will come back after stand-by.

Fix 3 for Youtube only: Exit from the app, start playing a video from HDD (sound OK), start web app. Problem will come back after stand-by. It works with Youtube but creates another bug with Netflix, no access to the selected movie at all.

No fix: Resetting the parameters makes no difference.

I hope this may help identify the cause of this problem!


M_Poulpe wrote:

Fix 1: Remove the HDD from USB, reset the device. Problem won’t come back unless the HDD is plugged.



    • *> Regarding “Fix 1” , how many HDD’s have you tested ?   Just the one, or several ?  what’s Brands ? USB Powered or Externally Powered ?

Thanks for your input. I haven’t thought the HDD itself could be the issue but I will test another one this weekend.

Current one is WD My Passport Ultra 1Go USB3.0 and I didn’t notice any other issue.

Netflix is available only since last week in European French spoken countries and I just used Youtube once in a while before, so I’m not sure when this started.

I guess there would already be hundred of posts here if any HDD would systematically crash Netflix sound.

Well, it may not be the HDD (personally i can’t see how it will cause an audio fault) … but, still, it’s an idea to try another to see if it makes any difference.

Also, whenever i encounter any odd behaviour … i do a factory reset to clear out the settings, and start again

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default


New tests:

  • Reset factory setting as I did when I installed firmware 2.02.32. No change.
  • Delete the .wdtv folder from the HDD. No change.
  • Plug the HDD to front USB instead of rear USB. No change.
  • Try an older HDD. No result because theis HDD is slowing down the WD TV so much that it’s almost unusable.
  • Use the WD during several days without HDD. No audio issue confirmed.
  • Use the WD during several days with HDD. Audio issue confirmed (3/4 failure rate when exiting from stand-by).

Odd link between audio and HDD…

From now on I will only plug the HDD when I’ll need to access its files… and check if a firmware update is solving this issue. :cry:


I too am having this problem… this is extremely annoying!

I will have to try to remove the USB HDD.

I am also experiencing extreme slowness when browsing through my network share.  I wonder if it has to do with this same issue.

This needs to be looked into, I didn’t have this issue prior to the recent firmware update!

Had the same issues, and other issues.

Rolled back to Version 2.01.86 and all is good now



I’ve the same problems and would like to rollback to older firmware.

But haven’t found it here:

Where can I download it?

Is there a plan to fix this problem in an upcoming update?

Greeting, Stefan

I’m certain they will release a new Firmware to address issues (but i no ETA)

If you wish to Rollback to Firmware 2.01.86 in the meantime, here is a link to my guide

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Thank you very much!

I’ll try it.

Hopefully the updates comes soon :wink:

I have installed the firmware and reset to factory defaults, but still have no sound on av DTS receiver via the Youtube app. :confounded:

How can I get it working?


If you meet the same issue as mine, you should eject the HDD before turning the WD TV Live into stand-by. Otherwise Netflix and Youtime may be without sound when you switch on the device.