No sound from HDMI, on restart I get purple screen

Hi All

I just got my WD TV Live Streaming Media Player, but to my horror, it has no sound when playing through HDMI. Video looks good tho. To confirm, I tried playing mp3, but also no sound. Unlike others say that it dont support some sound codec.

My TV is cheap Akira LCD TV with HD Ready. Some of the recommended solution is to change the audio output (updated to latest firmware).

Tried Stereo, no sound. I tried to change to HDMI optical audio (or something similar) it said that the TV is not supported?

So does that mean the TV I have is not supported? I am planning to get Sony Bravia 32CX520 Full HD TV. Will this TV has any issue with WD TV Live Streaming Media Player?

Thanks all.

and 1 more problem I had, I cant get the Wired connection to work. It always fails to get IP Address, while it has no problem on WIFI.

it could be a bad cable…

try a different cable  like component or composite … 

The SMP does not have a component output, only composite. And, as composite does not support HDTV or even EDTV, I don’t think that’s an acceptable solution. It could be that the HDMI cable is faulty or “incompatible” (though this should never happen because HDMI cables should be compliant), though. Another one might do it.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, check if there are any firmware updates for your TV. There may be an HDMI compatibility problem between the SMP and your TV. Sometimes HDMI problems are solved by updating the TV’s firmware. However, if you do find a newer firmware, try reading the changelog to see if something about the HDMI ports (or HDCP) was fixed, before installing it.

Hi All

thanks for your reply guys…

Just ordered a new HDMI Cable, and also new TV on the way…

Will update how it goes :smiley: