No sound from 3gp

I have some videos of my kids taken with my Blackberry and Droid. The videos will play but there is no audio. I’ve tried converting them to avi but no luck. Any suggestions?


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You didn’t say how you converted them, and putting them in another container (like AVI) won’t change the basic audio and video codecs (and most likely the audio codec isn’t supported).

You’ll probably need to convert them to more conventional codecs – I’d try AAC for the audio.

Thanks for your reply, I’m new to this.

I used Any Video Converter to convert them to mjpeg for video and pcm for audio. This is the same format of some video shot from a Cannon camera that will play on my WD TV. After going back and looking at the media info of the converted video, I see that there is no audio stream listed. Do you know of another converter that may work better?

If you’re on a PC then ffmpeg should probably work for you – the big drawback is that it’s command line driven.

You should be able to do what you want with something like the following:

ffmpeg -i myfile.3gp -sameq -acodec aac mynewfile.mpeg

or some such – I’d have to have a 3gp file to play with to see what the exact settings should be (and we probably want to package the whole thing in an mkv container, using something like mkvmerge which is freeware as is ffmpeg).

ffmpeg is actually the core of most “paid” video conversion programs (so they simply slap a GUI on it and charge you for the convenience).

If you need a GUI, I have found SUPER to be good at converting pretty much any file type to any other file type.

It’s free.  The website is a pain to navigate (multiple self-advertisement screens) but in the end you’re not paying anything and don’t need to register for anything.

The GUI itself is a bit clunky but fairly self-explanatory.

Worth a try if CLI (command line interface) scares you.  :) 

I actually got the videos taken with the Droid converted with Any Video Converter using MPEG4 and AAC. When trying to convert the videos from the Blackberry it says “No audio stream”.

I would not use the POS Any Video Convertor.