No sound for WD TV Live HD media Player

Just purchased the WD TV Live HD Media Player an i am experiencing some major issues with sound. I cant hear when i playback a TV show or movie? i have the 6 cables plugged in for COMPONENT Video and Audio , all i can hear is a buzzing sound. I just upgraded firmware, still same problem.

The Audio formats are MPEG LAYER -3

Please help

6 cables?

Shouldn’t you only have 5 plugged in to get component and stereo?

  • Green - Y component

  • Blue - Pb component

  • Red - Pr component

  • White - Left audio

  • Red - Right audio

Are you sure the WDTV is set to “Stereo”?

Do other devices work on your TV’s stereo inputs?

Have you tried resetting or power cycling the WDTV?

I have sound set to stereo and I get sound when playing movies but no sound on Netflix movies, any ideas?

I suppose you’ve plugged the wrong port.

P.S. Why are you still using COMPONENT connection? It’s a HD media player! Go and get an optical cable or HDMI for surroud sound!