No sound coming through the optical port

Hi guys;

Two weeks ago, I bought two brand new WD TV Live Plus media players. Both of them have no sound coming through the optical port. I also happen to have another WD media player at home, which is an older WD TV live, but not the plus model, and there is sound coming through the optical port.

The video signal is connected to my TV using the HDMI cable, but since my receiver is an older model, i must connect the sound using the optical port to get the sound playing.

I compared the settings of the 2 WD TV Live plus, againsts the settings of the WD TV Live and made sure they were set up exactly the same.

The firmware is 1.06.16 on the two WD TV Live Plus, and 1.06.15_V on the WD TV Live model. Is this the 1.06.16 firmware version that could be the problem? If yes, is it possible to roll back to a different firmware version to correct this problem?  Thanks in advance for your help. 

Roll back:

I don’t think it’s a firmware problem though…

You might want to check the Audio settings in Audio/Video option.  Go through the setup and ensure that you’ve enabled optical output and then selected ONLY those audio formats that you’re sure your receiver supports.  For instance, I’ll guess that it doesn’t support AAC (as I learned to be the case on one of my Yamaha’s).

After all that, and you still don’t get audio, you might have a hardware problem somewhere either in the WD itself, optical cable, or receiver.  Not saying that you haven’t troubleshot those, but if not, you might plan on doing so.

Good luck.