No sound - basic olour change

WD TV Live
Streaming Media Player

Model:  WDBGXT0000NBK

My son-in-law bought this unit and a WD hard drive for me back in January. He set it up and had it working perfectly for me.

I hadn’t used the unit for few months due to medical problem and hospital stays. I am over 80 years of age and not the sharpest knife in the drawer these days so when I tried to use the system today, I found that I had a light purple screen and that there was no sound.  After several tries at changing the settings and switching on and off there is still no sound. The light purple screen still comes on but can be changed by switching th unit off and then back on again.  It didn’t have this problem before.  I use HDMI conncection.  My son-in-law is currently traveling i the Nortern teritory so I am unable to call on his help. My TV is an AWA HD with 3 HDMI connections.

It is all really too complicated for me  and I can generally manage most simple tasks with computers etc. I find the manual difficult to follow.

Is there a simple way to set up these media centres. Can anyone  explain to me how to go about this.

Cheers, Ron

Those very things can happen if the TV / WDTV don’t “get along” during the “HDMI Handshake.”

Try these:

Ensure the TV is ON before you turn on the WDTV.

Make sure the HDMI cables are secured at both ends.

Try a different HDMI cable.

Try a different HDMI input on the TV.

Hi there Tony,

Thank you for your response.  I always have the TV switched on first so I don’t think that is the problem. I will move the HDMI cables around as soon as I can get someone in to help me, as I am presently recovering from pneumonia - not intended as a a whinge.  I find this entire setup process so frustrating because having to switch off and switch back on again till something works properly.  My first instinct is to always check the settings. 

I will try a new cable.  The three HDMI inputs are being used by my TV, PVR and the WD Media Centre. 

The TV and the PVR work perfectly as soon as I change back to them with great colour and perfect sound. 

I have tried following other hints suggested elsewhere on the Forum about sound and as suggested in the manual.

This call for help is to avoid calling in a techie who may know nothing about WD Media centres or who has the patience to sit around switching off and on either from the unit or by the RMC.

Just wish WD would issue a plain set of instructions for non techs and old codgers like me.

Warm regards,