No sound (at all) with netflix

my daughter wanted to watch some cartoons we had in our instant queue so I pulled one up, hit play and no audio. Tried another. No audio. Tried another. Got audio. And so on. Not sure what’s going on here. Is this a NetFlix problem or a WD problem? or just MY WD problem?

How is your audio played?  Are you connected via HDMI, and are you using “Stereo” or “Digital” in your WD settings?

My video is sent via component and my audio is sent via optical to my reciever. So my audio is set to digital.

However, I think I’ve solved my problem. I just had to unplug it for a while. Reset it. And revert to factory settings.

I should just start out my day this way since I’ve done this little dance daily since I bought it.