No solid light

my wd has got not solid blue light plus software not finding it on my network

What color IS the front LED? Is it solid or blinking? How is the My Cloud connected to the local network? Are you using AT&T Uverse?

it solid yellow light it connect through to router on ethernet cable thanks

What type of computer/device are you using, Windows, Apple, Linux etc. How long have you had your My Cloud? You may want to look at all of this information.

windows 10 it worked fine till recently

See this User Manual for FW 04.xx.xx, LED’s, P-7, solid white. A solid yellow is not listed for the front LED.

sorry solid white

cant even install software back on because it find wd my cloud thanks

cant find wd my cloud

still need help please

Note that this is primarily a user to user support group. If you need immediate support try contacting WD Support directly.

What other troubleshooting steps have you tried? Have you tried power cycling the My Cloud? Have you tried a 4 second reset or a 40 second reset? Can you “ping” the My Cloud? Have you checked the local network router to see if the router is listing the My Cloud as a DHCP client? Is your broadband provider AT&T Uverse?

I can’t get in my cloud at all even by dashboard