No software no key code

Hello i am hoping that someone can answer my question my father in law bought a My Book Essintial edition 2  . all the cd’s and key code are gone he can’t remeber where the disc’s are can i download the firmware and find out what my key code is , he just bought a new computer to the cloud lol but i am diligently trying to tranfer the data , plus  i want him to think i am smart  lol so any help would be  greatly appreciateted

They product key for what software? Can you post the model number of your drive?

Thank you for your response  S.n  ia [Edited]  what i am talking about regarding the key code  when i pluged iit in to my computer some software showed up said i have a 30 day trial period not sure what thats about , i have no manueal nothing if you would be so kind to help me with backing up this old computer and putting all on the new one i would be so grateful again thanks for the response

i put my s/n number but it was edited  not sure why i will try again  my book essential edition 2.0 [deleted] PLEASE HELP I AM DESPEREATE TO FIND THE FIRMWARE OR A MANUAL, whoops sorry for the caps . thank you to all and hopeful i can resolve how to use the external drive

Researching on WD wedsite i’ve found that My Book 2.0 comes with a trial version of Memeo Backup. It looks like your version of Memeo has already expired. Hope this helps :

As Wizer stated, your drive is bundled with a 30 days trial of the Memeo AutoBackup.

Have you tried Google?  All the manuals, guides and software are listed on the first search page.