No SNMP on the 4TB myCloud Personal?

I have a qnap NAS running cacti and I’d like to be able to monitor my newly-acquired WDMyCloud personal storage, but apparently SNMP isn’t enabled? 

is there a way to install and enable it? 

The 4TB WD My Cloud does not come with SNMP.

However you may be able to get the device OS to install SNMP using SSH. Doing so will probably void the warranty on the WD My Cloud since WD indicates using SSH can void the warranty. SSH can be enabled via the WD My Cloud user interface (Settings -> Network -> Network Services -> SSH)

You can try the steps at the following link as a starting point, even though its for the My Book Live Duo, but you proceed at your own risk! Any time you muck around with SSH you run the risk of potentiality bricking the unit.


Old instructions probably refer to a standard 4k page size image. If you apt-install one of those, you are likely to brick a v4 firmware MyCloud with its non-standard 64k page size…

cpt_paranoia wrote:


Yes, careful indeed. Anytime one uses SSH to apt-get a package on the entry level WD My Cloud devices they run the risk of bricking that device. It appears that the WD My Cloud EX4 does have SNMP support out of the box that can be enabled via the user interface.

ok, well, it came as part of an HDHomeRun kickstarter campaign, and wasn’t my #1 choice, so I can’t complain too much. :) 

I’ll look into the apt-get route and update this thread with success/failures. :) 

Hi all!

did anyone manage to get this resolved? I’m having the same problem with Nagios. My ‘My cloud mirror 4TB’ doesn’t have SNMP out of the box but i’m very cautious of SSH-in to my NAS and bricking it! Especially as the instructions are a bit old. Help!