No slideshow player for shared photo link

When I send link to share photos with my family there is no slideshow player to view photos in the browser. You have to open one picture at the time, then close, then open another one… It would be nice to have slideshow player to view photos. It is very annoying clicking on hundreds of pictures to open and close. Pogoplug had this feature, I can’t belive WD didn’t think about that. It is nice to view photos in slideshow when you have the whole family with you and they all want to see pictures. Please, please, please fix this. Another option is to download pictures and then view them. Try to explain that to 72 years old person, they just want to click on the link in email that you send them and see all the pictures.

What type of device are they using to view the photos? It is up to them to have a default player on their device. I have Windows 10 and mine is Photos.

Maybe I didn’t explain it good. There is an option on to send someone a link to share files (photos). When person receives a link, it’s opening a list of pictures in IE. You then click on the picture file to view it. Picture is viewed in IE. You have to then close the picture and go back and open another one. It has nothing to do with photo programs installed on your PC, it’s the way the pictures are viewed in tool. There is no way of clicking it to go to next picture, you have to close the file and click on next one to open.

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To move through the pictures you should be able to use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. I sent a link to my brother a while back so he could look at some pictures I have and he said he had no problem viewing them.

Aha! Arrow keys work. Now I should just include that in the emails I send when sharing photos. Thanks.