"No Signal" message *during* playback


I’ve been using the WD Live for a few days now. It auto-detected my HDMI settings without a problem (manually set them later on according to the TV’s handbook just in case), and it can playback anything I throw at it (via a 2TB MyBook).

My problem is that during playback, after a seemingly random amount of time, the TV turns off with a “no signal” message. After a few (2-10) minutes, it turns back on, and the movie has progressed the amount of time it was off (as if the live never understood something was wrong and kept on playing).

This can occur multiple times during a movie. The WD Live is on the latest firmware it could find via the internet. The TV is an LG (42LG5000).

Sounds like a bad connector or cable.   My TiVo was doing this for a while when I introduced an AVR in the signal path.  Turned out the AVR had a bad HDMI port and I had to replace it.


Here’s some basic troubleshooting tips:

  1. Try a different INPUT on the same TV.

  2. Try a differnet TV or monitor.

  3. Try a differenct device on the same TV INPUT.

  4. Try both HDMI and Analog outputs from the WDTVLIVEHUB.