No signal from WDTV Hub

I found the power supply had been disconnected. That’s when the problems started. When it booted up it stopped playing media files on the network. I did hard reset … several times … held power button down… plugged in firmware with thumb drive. I am now getting flashing logo on the box and no signal to my TV. I am unable to get to the menu. Any suggestions? I will let it flash today while I am gone and see what happens. And come back to here to see if there are any other solutions. Thanks in advance

Is the logo flashing a pattern of LONG-LONG-LONG-SHORT-SHORT-SHORT…

If so, that’s a hardware diagnostic failure and cannot be corrected.

If it’s just rapid flashing, that could indicate that the media library is compiling.
Try using an alternate video output (composite, component, etc.) to see if the output there is working.