No settings for http and ctorrent in downloader tool

Dear All,

After entering the downloader tool web-interface the manual says, there should be tabs for “http/ftp” and “ctorrent”.

I do not have that. After login, the screen is immediately changing to the next showing the tabs “tasks” and “settings”.

I have firmware 2.1.96, and after reading, that some people in this community have problems with the new firmware, I don’t necessarily want to upgrade.

Also I have read, that there in an article, that there should also be a “copy manager”, which I can’t find.

Also one more question: Is it possible to access the downloader feature through the net, to start downloads remotedly?

Thanks for your replies,


PS: MIO Net is not installed, since I have problems with my computer.

If you wanna access the downloader in the first screen when you access the NAS you will be able to see the tool button. It has a drop down menu that you can select where you want to access.

You will have different options to select :

  1. NSM

  2. Downloader

  3. Copy Manager

Once you access Downloader you need to select Task. In task you will be able to customize your downloads.

About the copy manager it is actually the same thing.

And so for the Copy Manager.

You will not be able to access the Downloader tool from Mionet unless you have a Premium account.

Hope this help !!