No secure link; did I set up the EX2 Ultra wrong?

I just got the EX2 Ultra and am trying to set it up. I see that my connection is not secure. I have been using a router provided by Verizon and then use Norton security software. Do I need to buy a different router, or am I setting the Ultra up wrong, or do I need to do something different? Thanks for any help, and please realize I am not a computer pro!


I’m not familiar with the designation EX2 Ultra. Usually Ultra is only associated with the Passport drive.
If you have the Passport you need to connect the USB cable to a USB port on your computer. Routers are not involved. If you did not get a Users Manual, for the Passport use this link.


I found an installation manual, and it definitely says to hook up to the router. When I log in, the IP address shows up, and it’s not secure. I’m afraid this could be hacked. What am I doing wrong?

Sorry, This is out of my territory.!