No Search Function in WD 2 Go?

I have a My Book LIve Pro drive with (potentially) 4000 cds on it on my home network.  I’m using an iPad with the WD2Go App on it to play the music.  I can’t use iTunes to connect o the external hardrive, as you can’t seem to change the default location where iTunes gets the music.  WD2Go seems to force the iPad to look in the external drive for its music. My HUGE problem is that WD2Go has absolutely no serach fucntion in it that I can find.  The WD2Go app is apparently built to access lots of songs, but without a search (and shuffle would be nice) function its useless to me and I’ll have to try and figure another way to connect my ipad to ana external hard drive on the network.  Can anyone help???


As a recommendation, you can add this idea as a request for future updates.

You will be able to do that on the link below.


if you want to select the itunes library you are using, hold shift down when you click to open itunes. you’ll then be able to select the one on your livedrive then.